As the program of support for achieving better results, yoga in music is already used in large orchestras and professional musical institutions of the world.Here’s what our yoga instructor Milica Zoric tells about the benefits of yoga for the musicians:

The benefits of yoga in specific professions in the field of art, and especially music are manifold. After several hours of practice, performing yoga exercises- asanas we are providing relief from the muscular and mental tensions, significantly reducing stress. Over the time, it improves posture and reduces back pain and neck pain. Implementing highly necessary breathing and deep relaxation techniques, body is renewed, without the feeling of fatigue and exhaustion. This establishes harmonization of all body functions, a sense of disburdening gives more enthusiasm and motivation to perform activities. Yoga practice strengthens concentration, as well as active and passive attention which is extremely important in preparing for concerts comply with the orchestra. Greater capacity of active attention helps to focus musician faster and with less effort, in order to overcome a certain musical piece. Expressivness through the music creates personal signature of each musician. That is when music becomes a divine instrument to create beauty and harmony for the performers and the listeners. Providing impressive performance, musician is paving the way to the success and further progress in the music career.