To master a musical instrument is an extraordinary achievement which demands years of practice and learning. Scientific research shows that training to become a professional musician and building a career can be very stressful, physically, as well as musically and emotionally. The reason is mostly found in endless repetition of very demanding and specific positions of the body when we play an instrument, which causes unnecessary and very harmful muscular tensions, cramps, chronic pain and in a large number of cases inflammation of tendrils and nerves.

In spite of that, there are some artists which built long and very successful careers as musicians, singers, conductors and they represent exemplary athletes of fine motorics.


„You can’t stop the waves, but you can decide to learn how to surf!“


In most of that cases, the difference is in approach and the way those people look at things. Understanding that taking care of yourself is important makes a big difference. The amount of stress that the artist endures during education and professional career can be overcome only by taking certain measures. In the world of professional musicians, one of the most common methods is the use of Alexander technique – the way of using your body with increased efficiency and reduction of unnecessary tension and engagement. By using this method, one can reachieve physical, mental and emotional balance and gain tools to recognize and prevent bad use of human body. The feeling of connection within human mind and body and increased state of awareness is an extraordinary feature of people who use Alexander technique.

At our Music Health Camp we will promte Playing with ease program which will offer a synergy of the musical development through instrumental and AT lessons. We will work on postural reeducation, improving movement and position and sthrenghtenig the unity with our instruments for the sake of art within us, as well in people around us.