”Music doesn’t argue, discuss, or quarrel. It just breathes the air of freedom.”- Harold Arlen


Learning or mastering a new skill takes a lot of work and effort, which inevitably creates physical and mental tension. This tension hinders learning, progress and creative expression.

5 Rhythms movement meditation gives musicians a map- path to become aware of the body, the tensions, the parts of the body that are moving a lot and parts that are not moving at all.

Freeing our movement and letting go of tension, effort, prejudice, criticism and everything that keeps us restricted, we begin to get freedom- freedom to feel ourselves and our inner sensations, freedom to express ourselves. Only then does the field for creativity, inspiration, improvisation and play open.

Freely expressing ourselves through movement, also gives us more freedom in playing our instrument. It becomes our expression, a manifestation of our inner vibrations, not just reading notes. Each of us can learn how to be open and to feel the vibrations of our physical body so that playing becomes easy and inspiring to listen to.