How many times it happened that the day of the important concert or performance is not the best… that you are not in the right mood and not feeling well, but it is that day that you have to give your best?

When you consider how much time you have put into practice, how many hours, effort you invested into it, so many notes that you have played overall in your musical career and at the most important concert, in front of the large audience, you make a mistake… Wrong note, blackout, memory loss, shaking, wrong mind flow.. Everything seems different than what you achieved while you were practicing alone, at home. What are the reasons of this phenomenon and how you can eliminate it?

In this workshop you will learn how to provide the best conditions for a quality performance, even if it is not your “best day”.

How to successfully remove stage fright and how to motivate yourself during “difficult” periods of your career.

You will discover new ways of being mentally ready for the biggest concerts and making your performance as good as the one when you practice on your own. Mental preparation is a story about bringing your body into the state that allows the best performance and best results.

Whether it is about business, music or sports, principles of Mental preparation are similar. Many people go through the same mental patterns that prevent them from achieving what they want. The good news is that these patterns can be broken down and changed. I know the way to help you.