Natalija Jović


After graduating flute at the Faculty of music in Belgrade in 2004. Natalija starts her journey to the center of herself. She completes the three year program for Alexander technique teacher at Anna Magyari-Beck’s school in Budapest and attends masterclasses in Israel and London. She transfers her knowledge and experience through workshops, masterclasses and individual lessons, promotes caring about ourselves, teaches pupils how to improve movements and positions in daily activities and works on development of wider and more creative approach on life. In 2012. she specialised on thesis „Use of Alexander technique in teaching a musical instrument“ in the department of Music theory and pedagogy at Faculty of music in Belgrade where she currently attends PhD studies. As a flute teacher she uses all her collected knowledge to build a good support for musical development of the pupil. Her scientific research is published in all important national journals, and her monography „Alexander technique and primary instrument“ was published by Andrejevic Foundation within „Specialis“ library in 2014.


Languages: Serbian, English, Russian